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IKE FINLEY™ Citrus Orange Classic Natural Bamboo Frame

Every IKE FINLEY™ pair of sunglasses includes a bamboo tube case, microfibre cleaning cloth and additional microfibre carry pouch.


All collections need to have a Classic. This is it.


Hands down, we love this natural bamboo classic. It's original and beautiful in every way. It's so simple, yet so powerful in it's overall look.


You are noticed when you wear this classic. It just stands out.


They are considered our lightest weight frames along with the Skateboard Wood classics (only 20 grammes). They are waterproof as per usual and float in water as always.


They are built with a slight flexing hinge frame. This allows inward and outward contorsion for comfort and control on your nose, face and head structure.


The natural bamboo frames are super smooth, sexy and sleek to the touch. They seem to shimmer. That's how polished they are.


You always want a classic in your personal collection. Live life, build your wealth and enjoy the freedoms that this extraordinary planet has to offer.


You need to feel good to perform at your best in every aspect of your life. This is simple philosophy and it's absolutely true. Start your day right, with your pair of IKE's.


Whether you're hitting the trails for your morning run or melting into the sand of your favourite beach spot. Barbecuing with your friends or spending time with your family.


You'll have your IKE's on to enjoy the experience the way it's meant to be.


Your IKE FINLEY™ sunglasses will keep you confident and in-style at all times.


Stay wicked and be you. Never apologize for being a kick-ass human being. Ya dig?



IKE FINLEY™ Citrus Orange Classic Natural Bamboo Frame

Color: Citrus Orange
  • All our IKE FINLEY™ sunglasses are light and waterproof. Yes, they even float in water.


    To keep them in their best condition, please keep in mind the following recommended care rituals;


    We know you'll be wearing them every chance you get. At all other times, make sure they are kept in your personal mircrofibre carry pouch and/or bamboo tube casing. This will keep them free of dust and anything else that Mother Nature may treat them to.


    Though the sunglasses are waterproof and float, it is recommended to keep them dry as much as possible as you would treat any other normal pair of eyewear or product.


    We know you'll love the style, feel and sexiness of your personal IKE FINLEY™ sunglasses.


    Go enjoy life to its fullest. You deserve it!

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