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Official Launch! (What a ride!)

Julia & Greg (Ike & Ikette) of Ike Finley™

We are thrilled to announce our brand new IKE FINLEY™ website!

It has taken months of planning, design, blood, sweat and tears, (yes, literally tears), but it's all been worth it.

This burning, lifelong passion is a dream come true. Our vision has just come to life!

IKE FINLEY™ is a fashion and accessories collection and we're starting out with our very own line of bamboo and high-end wood sunglasses. This is just the start though. We plan to roll out many more styles of sunglasses and we are in the process of adding a variety of eyewear, clothing, hats, watches, shoes, beachwear and many other exciting products and services.

My girlfriend Julia (IKETTE) and I are extremely proud that we have been able to build this enterprise together as a couple (while having the time of our lives as we grow). Our ultimate goal is to improve each day in bigger and better ways. So far, so good! Isn't that what everyone sets out to do?

We each have a backstory that's unique to us and filled with highs and lows. I'm Greg (IKE), and I've made a complete 180 degree shift in my career.

I am self-taught. For the past 12 years I worked a career in Information Technology and specifically human resources, recruiting, account management and business development.

It was all great and I experienced many success (and failures) along the way, but my unshakable entrepreneurial spirit is a pilot light that has always been with me and it's not going away...

So now, the rest of my life is all about the digital lifestyle...

I've put it all on the line now and sacrificed everything and with the love and unwavering support of my girlfriend Julia, we've both jumped in head first and are only looking forward. I am absolutely confident and happy with my decision and commitment to this brand new journey. I couldn't be happier that Julia is right here by my side.

With Julia (everyone calls her JuJu), we run IKE FINLEY™ together. In addition to this, we have also just launched her very own e-commerce business - JuJu’s Beauty Shop. She is loving every minute of it and finds the challenge exciting.

Her first line of products features the newest Silicone Sponge makeup applicators, which she’s named JuJu Drops. Check out JuJu’s Beauty Shop at

What about you? We’d love to hear your stories about how and where you got started with your dreams. It's important to us to build a fantastic community of likeminded and creative people that are not only consumers, but also cool individuals who may have started with a dream and are growing it into an empire.

We gratefully acknowledge the encouragement of all our family and friends in this endeavour.

Please support us by liking, sharing and commenting on all our posts and social accounts. And of course we'd love you to shop in our stores and enjoy our hand-crafted product lines.

We put a lot of love and care into every design and product.

Finally and most importantly, we care about environmental issues. For this reason, for every pair of sunglasses we sell, 2 trees are planted on a mountain-scape in Mainland China.

We are currently providing Eco-friendly and sustainable product lines that pay things forward. We invest back into our economy, our environment and our global community. This is paramount for us and as we continue to build and develop our brands we plan to donate portions of our profits on a regular basis. Julia and I both have a number of programs we'd like to assist that have a personal connection to us and our families.

Thank you very much for reading our first blog post, and again, we'd love to have you visit us at both our stores and

Please like, share and comment and let us know your thoughts!

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