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This is our IKE FINLEY™ We Give Back program where we plant 2 trees for every pair of sunglasses sold. The trees are planted on a mountainscape in Mainland, China. Help preserve our planet.

We care a great deal about global survival, the environment and giving back to our community in every way.


Our current initiative is planting 2 trees for every pair of sunglasses purchased by our amazing customers.


You are doing your part to contribute back to this beautiful planet of ours and to nature itself, while at the same time, enjoying hand-crafted and unique products, made with natural and eco-friendly, recyclable materials.


Continuing to enjoy our products and services will allow you to build a bountiful future for our children and the next generations to follow.


They count on us more than you may know. It is absolutely critical to pay it forward and be selfless in our commitment to humankind, animals, nature and every living, breathing entity on Earth and the universes beyond even our current reaches.


Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for supporting our vision now and forever.


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